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“R” VALUES (Thermal Resistance Rating)

INSULTEC does not rely solely on a reduction of thermal conduction for its operation.
The overall Thermal Resistance of INSULTEC is a result of complex non-linear coupling between the heat transfer systems of conduction, radiation and convection.
The question is often asked “What is the “R” Value of INSULTEC. INSULTEC does not rely solely on “R” value. You could say INSULTEC is “new science” in that it challenges the laws of conventional physics.. Read more in TESTS, particularly read the reports by Professor J.Goldsmid, University of New South Wales and Dr. Raffaele Cammarano B.E., Ph.D.(Section 3 refers to the traditional value placed on the “R” value by engineers and architects to determine insulation properties)

Tests are listed by (a) Type of Test, (b) University Tests, (c) Test by Commercial Institutions

University Test

Commercial Reports (Group A)

Commercial Reports (Group B)

The insulating qualities of Insultec have been tested and proven by a number of Australian Universities. Their findings have been verified by equally qualified universities and commercial institutions in Asia, Africa, India, the Middle East and Europe.